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labiaplasty, body image, feminist art, vulva art, vagina art, self-acceptance, ideal pussy, female genital mutilation
oil on reclaimed wood panel
4.6 x 6.5 inches

Model Sophie says, "You should love your foofie, just as she is, with all your heart, and adore and appreciate your unique shape and sensation! Sophie urges young girls to not make the same mistake she feels that she did. After having labiaplasty procedure at the age of 15, Sophie wishes for any lovely lady wanting to have or feeling as if they need this kind of procedure, to seek mental health help to strengthen their self image and body confidence first, before actually undergoing an irreversible and potentially risky surgery. Sophie says to please, never ever risk your health and pleasure for an idealized, media fantasy aesthetic that isn't real or are beautiful and perfect just as you are! The procedure has caused her years of unnecessary suffering, loss of sensation and scarring. She doesn't want you to have to go through the same."

“Labiaplasty is the fastest growing plastic surgery, with a 45% increase from 2015 to 2016. And the people that want it can be as young as 9 years old.
Labiaplasty is surgery that alters your vulva and and/or your vagina. It’s main focus is to make the inner labia smaller. You can also cut a triangle from your vaginal opening, sewing it together to make the vagina smaller. You can ALSO inject fillers into your outer labia to make them puffier.

None of these things are necessary. They do not enhance you in any way. They do not make you more attractive or have better sex. In face labiaplasty runs the risk of severing the nerves in your clitoris and numbing sexual feeling in your vulva for good. Which is not good.
A very tiny number of people may want labiaplasty if their labia are painful when exercising, during sex, or wearing tight clothing. But let me repeat myself, the number of people that may choose this option is TINY. The majority of labiaplasty is undertaken by people who feel that their body doesn’t look ‘right’.

Where have we got this idea from that our natural bodies are so awful that we can only be happy if we chop bits of it off? Who got to decide what the perfect vulva should look like? Why do we want to spend thousands of pounds on surgery that might end up with us losing feeling in the most sensitive place on our body?

According to the Gynodiversity report, 48% of labia are not symmetrical, meaning they look different on each side. 73% of vulvas have inner labia that are visible and protrude further than the outer labia. Whether you sit in this 73% or the 27% that don’t protrude at all, your vulva is normal. It is exactly as it needs to be. “ *

* quote from @thisisavulva

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