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This will be on view and available for purchase at my upcoming show at the Kreuser Gallery in August 2022!

labiaplasty, body image, feminist art, vulva art, vagina art, self-acceptance, ideal pussy, female genital mutilation
oil on reclaimed wood panel
4.6 x 6.5 inches

Model Sophie says, "You should love your foofie, just as she is, with all your heart, and adore and appreciate your unique shape and sensation! Sophie urges young girls to not make the same mistake she feels that she did. After having labiaplasty procedure at the age of 15, Sophie wishes for any lovely lady wanting to have or feeling as if they need this kind of procedure, to seek mental health help to strengthen their self image and body confidence first, before actually undergoing an irreversible and potentially risky surgery. Sophie says to please, never ever risk your health and pleasure for an idealized, media fantasy aesthetic that isn't real or are beautiful and perfect just as you are! The procedure has caused her years of unnecessary suffering, loss of sensation and scarring. She doesn't want you to have to go through the same."