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Oil on Wood Panel
8 x 6 inches

According to fossil records, ferns pre-dated dinosaurs and have survived massive extinctions. Like ferns, vaginas are beautifully designed, adaptive and incredibly resilient.

Did you know that the vagina is a self-cleaning? It does not need expensive washes to purify, cleanse or improve it, as it’s natural secretions, acidic ph and rapid cell turn-over are naturally protective. Douches, soaps and washes can actually disrupt the balance of its microbiome and cause irritation. *

Here is a cute *Video Clip with detailed instructions on the best way to wash your vagina. Basically, just use water to wash your vulva. If you must use soap, chose a mild unscented one, and don’t wash the inside at all.

*Paraphrasing from Canadian gynocologist, Jen Gunter’s book,
The Vagina Bible

Here is a Fun NPR Article on the inspiration behind The Vagina Bible: